Licensing Models

Whether you’re looking to attract and retain patients from your website or app, we’ve got a solution to match your needs.


  • Easy integration anywhere on your website via iframe
  • Allows users to take Patient-Provider Predictive Matching™ quiz and display results
  • Platform agnostic
  • Branded CSS and white label options available
  • API accessible to enhance patient or administrative experience (CRM, ratings & reviews)
  • Administrative console – provider/location management, analytics dashboard, and more
  • Customer support
  • Scheduled maintenance updates


  • Delivery API – Patient-Provider Predictive Matching™ quiz
  • Administrative API
  • Analytics API
  • Customer support
  • Scheduled maintenance updates



Patients aren’t just looking for a provider. They want a health partner.

MD MatchUp is the SaaS product your patients have been waiting for. Picking the right provider is no easy task, but it’s an important one.

Your Find-a-Doc tool has a patient-sized gap to fill because it doesn’t know anything about the patients doing the search beyond a desired zip code, the specialty their seeking, and maybe what insurance they have.

But there’s more to the patient-provider relationship than that. That’s why MD MatchUp asks patients 10 quick questions about themselves to get them started on the right path to finding compatible provider options. On the backend, providers have also answered questions for us on who they are, how they practice, and their ideal patient attributes.

There are two sides to every relationship and the answers to those questions is the most effective way to set the foundation for a long-lasting patient-provider partnership.