Personalize the provider shopping experience.

MD MatchUp does something no one else does: focuses the Find-a-Doc search on patients — not just providers.

As the leader in Patient + Provider Predictive Matching™ we excel at driving patients to the providers and places that best fit their needs, preferences, and personality.

It’s as simple as that.

More Volume

Attract new consumers and retain lapsed patients.

Better Connections

Cultivate stickier patient-provider relationships.

Higher Satisfaction

Happy patients + providers = better coutcomes.

Exclusively from MD MatchUp

Patient + Provider Predictive Matching™

Patients can be prescriptive, too

Most patients don’t know what they want in a doctor, so even traditional Find-a-Doc tools can be daunting. But we’ve found patients are willing to answer a few questions about themselves in order to identify their best provider options.

MD MatchUp’s proprietary quiz and algorithm gives health networks an alternative digital front door experience to complement or replace their existing Find-a-Doc tool.

Data from patients and providers are taken into account to provide personalized search results based on needs, preferences, sensibilities, and personalities.

By closing the delta between intentional selection and random choice, we’re helping patients find their optimal health care partners.

To each their own.

How it Works

The process is simple for patients.

Take the Quiz

Patients looking for a provider on a health network website/app are asked to take a short quiz about themselves

Algorithm Goes to Work

Algorithm analyzes quiz results to determine order and rank of all possible provider matches for the patient

View Matches

Patients are presented a curated list of compatible providers within seconds

Narrow the Options

Patients can narrow their provider options further through filters like personal interests, location, insurance, and more

Choose a Provider

Patients can view snapshots of provider information before deciding which profiles to view in detail

Schedule an Appointment

Patients would request or schedule an appointment as they normally would through the provider’s already-existing profile page

Product Features

Go beyond traditional Find-a-Doc tools.

Manage ratings, reviews, appointments online.

Track new patients for additional targeting and measuring your ROI.

Integrate MD MatchUp with your existing CRM, EHR, and web properties.

SAAS Licenses Available

Web or API — We’ve go the solution to match your needs.

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We believe more intentional patient + provider connections lead to better outcomes, healthier communities, and happier people.

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