About MD MatchUp

Half of Americans focus on compatibility factors when choosing a new provider. The problem is, there hasn’t been a way to search for or measure compatibility with a provider, until now.

MD MatchUp is the matchmaking app for healthcare and focuses the Find-a-Doc search around patients seeking compatible providers.

As the bedrock of value-based care, we believe a strong patient-provider relationship matters. The first step in creating healthier communities and properly managing population health is for individuals to find a provider they can connect with on a more meaningful level which can lead to more compliance, better outcomes, efficiencies in care, improved ratings and reviews, happier people, and patient loyalty.

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Our team, located in Kansas City, is a group of health care professionals with marketing backgrounds who believe consumerism is pivotal in raising patient satisfaction and driving volumes. It’s why we’re dedicated to exploring innovative ways to help health care organizations break through the noise to build lasting relationships with patients.





Your Potential Patients Are Out There.

Almost 28 million women and 43 million men in the United States report having no personal doctor/health care provider. Even attracting and motivating a small percentage of those people to find and regularly visit a primary care provider on a yearly basis would make a big difference to their health and your network’s bottom line.

By implementing MD MatchUp into your network’s patient journey, you’ll be giving patients an interactive and innovative tool to help them connect with the right provider for them. This helps combat those last-minute “moment in time” searches that too often result in poor patient-provider experiences and can be damaging to your system’s reputation.

Kaiser Family Foundation analysis of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) 2015-2017 Survey Results. Three-year merged dataset used to ensure adequate sample sizes for statistical analysis.

Acquire new consumers

Increase patient loyalty

Stop patient leakage

Improve patient & provider satisfaction

Drive downstream revenue

Create a market differentiator

To find out how MD MatchUp can help your organization attract and retain patients, add exponentially to your bottom line, and increase satisfaction, contact Bob to learn more and set up a demo.