How Marketers Win with Value-Based Care

How Marketers win with Value-Based Care

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Bob Waddell

January 31, 2024

As health systems make the transition to a Value-Based Care model, it is essential for marketers to adapt their strategies and tools to drive success in this new landscape.

Let's explore what healthcare marketers can expect from MD MatchUp as their systems transition to a Value-Based Care model and how it can drive short-term and long-term success.

Short-Term Success

• New Patient Capture: MD MatchUp is a game-changer when it comes to capturing new patients. Its advanced algorithm leverages first-party patient data, preferences, and demographics to connect patients with compatible providers within your network. This personalized approach not only attracts new consumers but also enhances their experience and satisfaction in finding a healthcare provider in your network.

• Stop Patient Leakage: With MD MatchUp, healthcare marketers can effectively address the issue of patient leakage. By connecting patients with suited providers within your network, MD MatchUp ensures that patients do not seek care outside of your organization. This reduces patients window shopping outside your network, improves retention rates, and enhances revenue opportunities.

• Increase Service Line Revenue: MD MatchUp enhances service line revenue by facilitating better patient+provider relationships. When patients are aligned with compatible providers, they are more likely to seek care within your organization for their various health and wellness needs. This drives increased utilization of service lines, leading to higher revenue and improved financial performance.

• Marketing-Driven ROI: MD MatchUp provides healthcare marketers with concrete data and insights to prove the ROI of their marketing efforts. By tracking patient appointments, conversion rates, patient satisfaction scores, and revenue generated from MD MatchUp connections, marketers can provide measurable evidence of the impact of their marketing initiatives. This serves as powerful ammunition for securing budgets and demonstrating marketing's contribution to the organization's success.

Long-Term Success

• Align Patients with Compatible Providers: MD MatchUp's ability to match patients with compatible providers extends beyond short-term success. By consistently aligning patients with providers who match their preferences and care needs, healthcare marketers can build lasting relationships of trust and satisfaction. In addition, patients who experience positive interactions and personalized care are more likely to become brand advocates, refer others to your organization, and continue seeking care within your network.

• Turn Transactional Interactions into Lasting Relationships: MD MatchUp provides healthcare marketers with the opportunity to transform transactional interactions into long-lasting relationships. By utilizing MD MatchUp's technology on their website, marketers can personalize communications, engage patients in meaningful ways, and foster ongoing relationships. This patient-centric approach leads to improved patient loyalty, satisfaction, and ultimately, higher retention rates.

• Change Patient Behaviors & Improve Outcomes: MD MatchUp plays a pivotal role in influencing patient behaviors and outcomes in a Value-Based Care model. By connecting patients with compatible providers who align with their preferences and care goals, healthcare marketers can drive proactive engagement, encourage preventive care, and support patients in managing chronic conditions. This focus on personalized care leads to improved patient outcomes, reduced healthcare costs, and better overall population health management.

• Impact Patient Lives & Your Bottom Line: MD MatchUp's impact goes beyond revenue generation. By facilitating better patient-provider matches, healthcare marketers have the opportunity to directly impact patient lives. When patients receive care that aligns with their individual needs, preferences, and goals, their overall healthcare experience is improved. This leads to higher patient satisfaction, positive word-of-mouth referrals, and an enhanced reputation for your organization, all of which contribute to long-term success and a healthier bottom line.

Closing Thoughts

MD MatchUp offers healthcare marketers the capabilities to capture new patients, stop patient leakage, increase service line revenue, prove marketing-driven ROI, and achieve long-term success by aligning patients with compatible providers, fostering lasting relationships, changing patient behaviors, and impacting patient lives.

Embrace MD MatchUp as an indispensable tool in your Value-Based Care journey and you will position yourself as a healthcare marketer who not only understands the transformative power of this care model but also has the tools to drive its success.