The Holy Grail for Healthcare Marketers

Holy Grail for Healtcare Marketers

Headshot of Bob Waddell

Bob Waddell

June 2023

Healthcare marketers are facing a challenge when it comes to tracking the effectiveness of their marketing activities. Top-of-the-funnel metrics, such as website traffic and social media engagement, while important, only provide surface-level insights into the success of their campaigns.

To truly measure success and justify their budgets, marketers need to dig deeper into the middle- and bottom-of-the-funnel metrics.

The Holy Grail of Healthcare Marketing is ROI and the best way to demonstrate that is by showing the direct impact your marketing activities had on filling patient appointments.

By tracking how many consumers were acquired and patients were retained through specific campaigns or tactics, marketers can show exactly how their efforts are contributing to the bottom line. This approach not only demonstrates the value of the marketing team’s efforts but also shifts any perception of marketing simply being an overhead cost to reflect what they truly can be: a profit center for the organization.

According to recent studies, healthcare organizations that effectively track and measure their marketing efforts see a 20% increase in new patient acquisition rates compared to those who don’t. Furthermore, these organizations report a 10% reduction in overall marketing costs due to increased efficiency and targeted messaging.

This is where MD MatchUp comes in. Our revolutionary platform is specifically designed to provide healthcare marketers with the insights they need to accurately measure their marketing ROI. With our personalized digital front door experience, prospective patients are matched with compatible in-network providers and can easily book appointments online.

But that’s just the beginning. Our Marketing Intelligence Center provides you with a powerful yet straightforward way to track the performance of your campaigns and measure the direct impact your department has on filling patient panels. By giving you on-demand access to your department’s true ROI, we help you gain more control and leverage in achieving your goals and planning your budgets.

As healthcare marketers look to prove the value of their work and drive business growth, it’s time to move beyond top-of-the-funnel metrics and really focus on tying marketing ROI directly to patient appointments.

With the right tools in place like MD MatchUp, marketing leaders will be better armed with bottom-of-the-funnel data, first-party and direct market insights, and the influence that comes along with attaining the Holy Grail of Healthcare Marketing.