Why Healthcare Leaders Lack 100% Visibility

The key to seeing consumers clearly

Headshot of Bob Waddell

Bob Waddell

June 2023

It can be challenging for healthcare leaders to know who is window shopping for a new provider in their network, which makes trying to follow up with them almost impossible unless they schedule an appointment.

Potential patients are exploring multiple options before choosing a provider in your network, but without the right tools and strategies, it's difficult for healthcare leaders to gain visibility into consumer behaviors and preferences.

This is where assessment-like solutions can become beneficial. By offering consumer-centric assessments on your website or through social media, you can gather information on what potential patients are looking for in a provider and use that data to improve your marketing efforts and see better results.

Assessments provide an easy and familiar way for potential patients to engage with your network while also collecting valuable first-party data and opt-in permissions.

Not only does this approach increase visibility into who is shopping for providers in your network, but it also provides an opportunity for personalized follow-up with individuals who have already expressed interest in your providers and services.

With this permission-based data in hand, you can tailor your outreach efforts to better meet the needs of each potential patient. This can lead to higher consumer-to-patient conversion rates and better patient experiences overall.

Health care leaders need full visibility into consumer behavior if they want to stay ahead of their competition and provide a personalized patient journey at the point of first contact.

By implementing innovative solutions like MD MatchUp into your marketing strategy, you'll gain valuable insights that can help you turn those elusive window shoppers into known consumers, and finally, loyal patients.